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November 2024

If you are looking for immensely powerful energetic shifts and deep soul connection you have come to the right place! 

We host retreats around the world which allow you to connect with your higher-self, rediscover your inner bliss, and activate your soul-led calling. 

Our intention is to transform your state of being from Surviving to THRIVING, and inspire you to embody that transformation in your journey onwards!


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"I started working with Clare over a year ago and what a journey/transformation it has been! When I commenced my journey working with Clare I wanted to work on me, to heal old wounds and release blockages. Along the way I forgave myself and those who have done wrong by me. I started seeing and looking at things differently. The biggest takeaway, I wanted to step back into my intuitive self which I have and will continue to work on. Clare is an Angel! She is one of a kind. If you want to work on being the best version of yourself, this is the Angel you should connect and be guided by."

Krystl Schoettler

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