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Infinite Reflections

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Hello Beautiful Soul, I'm glad you found me... 


Do you have a deep calling to step into your soul purpose and what you are truly here to do? I am a catalyst who enables deep transformation within, while allowing you to feel truly held and seen. I have the ability to activate your highest potential timelines and help you to break out of limiting patterns and into shining your light in your own unique way. 

As a Crystal Child and Master Angelic Channel, I enable my clients to transmute and transform blocked energies by channelling the resonance of Unconditional Love. Trained as an Angelic Reiki Master, I specialise in Angelic Toning, Crystal Sound Healing, Intuitive Healing, Inner Child Healing, Past Life Regression Therapy and Angelic Channelling. As a pure channel for the Divine, I lift the frequency of the recipient to such a degree that healing is inevitable, and astral travelling & timeline jumping is very possible!


The healing process starts the moment we connect energetically and the energy flow begins. This can be done both long-distance and in-person. I use my gifts & experience to transform your world from the inside out, and then, if you are ready, I help support you into launching this newly birthed version of you, into powerfully claiming your soul purpose & mission.

I can help you

Activations   /   Love  /   Transformation     Manifestation  /  Self-Realisation  /   Healing     Truth  /   Alignment  /   Connection    Awakening  /  Timeline Shifts  / Ascension

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From My Heart to Yours

   My intention with all of my work is to be the purest channel, to enable my clients to find clarity, freedom and alignment throughout their life and soul path.

   Having been through my own healing journey, where my world crumbled down around me, I was forced to identify and embrace the pain I had suppressing within. As I healed, I realised each challenge brought gifts and wisdom I could only have dreamed of. I have been through the darkness to be able to find, and choose, the light.

   It now brings me true joy to be able to be a conduit of unconditional love, and healing frequencies, and a guide to whoever is ready to step into their own path, and find their way on their own ascension journey. 

Book an Appointment for an Activation/Healing or Soul Reading
Whatsapp: +971585115369
Instagram: @the_divine_mirror
Facebook: /thedivinemirror.1221

Thanks for connecting!


“So much is happening and coming together it's mad! I feel so much better than I did a few weeks ago. I've totally flipped my opinion of money and abundance, I feel more connected and in control. Thank you so much!”

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