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The Lotus and The Phoenix




Welcome to The

Lotus and the Phoenix Retreat

7th - 14th Nov

A transformative retreat set in the serene beauty of Koh Samui, Thailand. This November, join us for a journey inspired by the powerful energies of the Phoenix, and the Lotus, as we explore the elemental forces of fire and water.

Our retreat blends the masculine, transformative energy of fire with the feminine, flowing energy of water. Together, these elements will guide you through a process of creation, transformation, and rebirth. Inspired by the traditional symbols of Thailand and the blessings of the Loy Krathong Festival, this retreat offers a unique opportunity to release the old and welcome the new.

you will

Fire - Burning Up the Old

  • Embrace the transformative power of fire to release old patterns and beliefs.

  • Engage in creative and alchemical practices that ignite your inner power.

  • Embody your sacred masculine, Yang energy that fuels action and change.


Water - Learning to Surrender and Flow

  • Dive into the cleansing and nurturing element of water.

  • Practice surrendering to the natural flow of life and emotions.

  • Deepen into the feminine, Yin energy that fosters creativity and receptivity.


Traditional Loy Krathong Festival

  • Participate in the ancient Thai festival of Loy Krathong.

  • Place blessings in the water, fuelled by the fire of intention.

  • Honor the blend of fire and water elements in a sacred ceremony.


Lotus - Emergence and Enlightenment

  • Learn how the lotus symbolizes rising from confusion and illusion.

  • Explore practices that help you emerge from the mud of subconscious patterns.

  • Open your petals to receive the light of enlightenment and clarity.

Phoenix - Rebirth and Renewal

  • Connect with the energy of the Phoenix to embrace rebirth and new beginnings.

  • Release what no longer serves you and rise from the ashes of transformation.

  • Rising into a renewed sense of purpose and direction in your life.

Is this for you?

Are you seeking a relaxing and enlightening escape from the fast-paced demands of daily life? "The Lotus and The Phoenix" is designed for you if you are:

𖥸 Feeling burnt out and in need of rejuvenation.
𖥸 Longing to reconnect with nature and your true selves.
𖥸 Ready to surrender to the divine support that surrounds 
𖥸 Eager to activate and enhance your intuition.
𖥸 Looking to fill your cup and learn how to maintain a 
state of fullness and overflow.
𖥸 Wishing to increase your self-value, confidence, and self-love
𖥸 Ready to deepen your understanding of how to balance 
your masculine and feminine energies to achieve sacred union within.



The Lotus andThe Phoenix

you will:


Discover how to work with the elements of fire and water to manage your emotions and transform your life.

Gain a fresh perspective that enhances your appreciation for the depth and beauty of your existence.

Develop tools and practices to sustain your sense of inner peace and fulfillment long after the retreat ends.

Enhance your intuition and connect more deeply with your inner guidance.

Foster a greater sense of self-love and self-worth.

Achieve a harmonious balance of masculine and feminine energies within you, leading to a sense of sacred union.

Join us this November in Koh Samui, Thailand, for a retreat that promises relaxation, enlightenment, and profound transformation.

Embrace the energies of the Lotus and the Phoenix, and emerge renewed, enlightened, and empowered.

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