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Healing Programs


A journey to activate, embrace, and nurture the Divine Feminine within you.

Imagine a life where your soul is fully awakened, where sensuality dances through every moment, and freedom of expression flows effortlessly. Picture yourself immersed in the enchanting rituals of the Goddess Venus, and Mary Magdalene, tapping into the sacred codes of the rose.

This 21 day program, is designed to be explored throughout the period of a month, to help you build healthy habits through meditation, connection to your spirit guides, self-love, and introspection.

You will receive daily transmissions, guided meditations, self-care practices and immersive rituals, to deepen your spiritual connection and awaken and embody the soft, sensual, relaxed, and fully expressed version of you!

A journey to activate, align, and anchor into the Divine Masculine within you.

Imagine how it would feel to have clarity, alignment, purpose, and passion emanate through your daily life. Your relationships rise to a higher frequency, you command more respect, hold your boundaries without wavering in your self-confidence, and you are heard and appreciated while being true to yourself. You effortlessly attract loving, supportive and honourable men, and you know you are safe to trust yourself and your decisions.

This is the journey into embodying your Sacred Masculine.

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