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my story

I found myself living a life that on the surface looked idyllic, and from the inside I was falling apart. I had two young children, and was running my own jewellery business, but my relationship and my devotion to everyone except me, was slowly eroding who I was.


It happened over time, but gradually I started lose myself. I wouldn't look in the mirror because I didn't like or recognise who I saw in there, but it wasn't until I collapsed in the kitchen and was rushed to hospital with a 'potentially fatal' diagnosis that I started to pay attention to my own needs. 

The mask of illusion I had been wearing was ripped from me, I felt vulnerable, lost and terribly alone, and I knew I was facing some of the biggest decisions of my life. I had to choose myself, and trust that by honouring my own needs I would be able to model a healthier way of being to my girls and give them the self-worth and self-love I had been missing. 

Through this deeply challenging, life-shattering awareness, I had a profoundly beautiful spiritual awakening. Love poured through my body, I had no idea there was so much love even possible! But I trusted that if I could feel this way, even amidst the chaos, then it was possible to create a life that supported that love and expansion for all of us. 

I made the heart-wrenching decision to walk away from my marriage; to honour the path that I was being guided to take, to step boldly out of denial and into truth, and to follow my heart. To let go of all that I had known.


What followed was the deepest initiation, immersed in spiritual concepts I had never heard of before, receiving downloads and consciousness from the universe that was dissolving my old beliefs and the way I had been. I started to connect to crystals and meditate for hours, trying to understand what I was going through and find a path through it. 

During this period I learnt many healing modalities, including Sound Healing, Psychic Training, Card Reading, Crystal Healing and Angelic Reiki, realising that these were not new gifts, but that they had been there all along, I had just suppressed and ignored them. And, as I began to trust myself and my path, I developed my own healing process which helped me heal not only myself, but countless others who trusted me to help them transform their reality. 

It is an honour and a joy for me to be able to carry this light and to illuminate the path for those who are struggling just as I was, to find their way through the darkness. To find their true expression, and the courage to embrace and expand into shining their own unique essence into the world.


It would be my honour to guide you through your initiation...

With so much Love


"I started working with Clare over a year ago and what a journey/transformation it has been! When I commenced my journey working with Clare I wanted to work on me, to heal old wounds and release blockages. Along the way I forgave myself and those who have done wrong by me. I started seeing and looking at things differently. The biggest takeaway, I wanted to step back into my intuitive self which I have and will continue to work on. Clare is an Angel! She is one of a kind. If you want to work on being the best version of yourself, this is the Angel you should connect and be guided by."

Krystl Schoettler

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