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It's Not Just You...

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

If you have been struggling with your emotions a lot more than usual lately, and feel like things just don't feel quite right anymore; almost like a 5 year old child trying to fit into his/her clothes that are actually 2 years too small, know that you are not the only one... Many people on the planet are feeling the effects of the huge changes in energy across the world. They are also experiencing increased transference of emotions between one another, but they are unaware, or only semi-aware that this is a global phenomenon, not just within their own personal sphere of existence.

This feeling of being out-of-place, or just a little 'off' is the effect of having outgrown something that no longer applies to your current state of being. It could be a job, a relationship, a friendship, the place you live... there are no end of situations we find ourselves in within this reality in order to experience what we call 'life'. Each of you will have a different experience of this, yet you will all resonate with it on some level.

The energies on the Earth having been increasing steadily over many years, the frequency of the planet has been shown to be steadily increasing since June 2014. Schumann resonance has been a natural and constant frequency of planet Earth, pulsating exactly at 7.83 Hz for thousands of years. For the ancient Indian Rishis, this number had a special meaning, and was considered the sacred and cosmic sound in the Hindu religion.

For the Western world, the Schumann resonance represents the frequency of the Earth’s electromagnetic field. It has always concentrated at 7.83 Hz, with few variations since 1952, but in June 2014 there was a change. This when the Russian Space Observatory System showed a sudden increase in activity with a varied elongation from 8.5 Hz to 16.5 Hz.

The researchers were amazed at these values, something that had never been recorded that way. More recently, other peaks have been detected, increasing the planet’s frequency to more than 30 Hz.

The Earth, and the Universe itself, and everything within and without, and in between, is all One. What you are experiencing is our 'Collective Consciousness' level, which is affecting the structure of the magnetic field of Mother Earth, and in turn reflecting that back to us and within us. Think of 'Us' as one giant 'Being', and each one of us is one of the cells, or even a molecule within that body of existence. If that 'Being' were to experiences sadness, every cell within it experiences the same vibrational frequency, and therefore we all experience sadness... This is one of the ways I have been shown how to describe the 'Collective Consciousness'.

“ Everything is always changing, shifting and transforming, so even experiencing sadness as a collective, is just a passing wave of emotion, just as it is within each one of us. "This too shall pass."”

Emotions can be measured in vibrational frequency too, (you can see the vibrational frequency chart here) and the lower frequencies are what we experience as more difficult-to-handle emotions - such as sadness, anger, grief, despair, hopelessness. As the planet's frequency ascends, so do we, and as a result, these lower frequency vibrations are being shaken to the surface, pushing us all to face our 'shadow' and the parts of us that we have been rejecting, or even denying existed.

It is important that you do not confuse our intention when we say 'lower,' as this is simply a term used to differentiate from 'higher'. We do not believe in the polarity/duality of bad or good. Both positively and negatively perceived emotions are equally valid, for without one, you would not be able to fully experience the other. So when these emotions surface, do not shun them or suppress them as you have previously been taught to do throughout all of your ages in this life. Rather, embrace them with love, compassion and integration, allow them to be equally valid in your experience of wholeness. And as they are absorbed into your being, they will disperse like salt dissolving in water, to become more Oneness, and more Love.

Because Love is all there really is, infinitely creating more love, in it's many variations of itself.

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