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Multi-Dimensional Healing

As we go deeper into our healing journey, we understand how we are healing many layers of the same energetic frequency, the loop that has kept us feeling small, insignificant, unworthy.

So many of these layers are so deeply buried, we aren't even aware of how much they are holding us back:

  • The belief that if we receive something beautiful it will be taken from us...

  • The belief that abundance is not safe to hold...

  • The belief that everyone always let's us down/hurts us/breaks our heart...

  • The belief that if we are truly seen for who we are, we will be outcast/persecuted for our truth.

The list goes on... How many of these speak to you if you really sit in full honesty with yourself? Where are you holding yourself back from being FULL-FILLED?!

The unravelling of these deep programs and negative beliefs starts in the body. This is where we can access and release the blockages that you have placed their for your own protection... Except they are no longer serving to protect you, they are now holding you back and keeping you small.

It is time to let go.

So many people who come to me say the same thing:

"I have been to many healers/therapists but I am still stuck in the same loops."

And after working with me over a period of 3-6 months:

"You have helped me heal more in a few months, than I have in years of therapy"

And why? How am I able to do it? I heal with the awareness that our existence is made up of the layers of the mind, body, aura, soul, and all aspects must be fully healed in all timelines dimensions and realities before you are able to completely transform your way of being. These shifts are facilitated by bringing light to that which has been hidden/suppressed, and allowing it space for the area of resistance to open and release. Another way we can look at it, would be to understand that you are vibrating at a certain level, and by bringing high frequency love vibrations to your energetic bodies, it invites your whole frequency to rise into a new level.

Personally, throughout my whole awakening journey, I was always very skeptical - I needed proof/personal experience before I would believe. I needed to understand the quantum physics of what was being experienced, and I bring this knowledge, wisdom and compassionate understanding to my clients. When we make dramatic shifts in our existence, the ego/personality/mind needs to understand and to trust, to be able to fully let go and allow this new way of being to come into your reality. Otherwise we can tend to self-sabotage, and revert back to previous ways, so as to return to what feels 'safe'. This is where most healing modalities fall flat in my opinion - because if we do not have faith and trust in what has happened, we can undo it. We are the creators of our whole reality, so all aspects of us need to be in alignment to be able to take that quantum leap into a new level of being!

If you are ready for DEEP TRANSFORMATION then you have come to the right place. With the assistance of my Angelic & Galactic Team we will activate the greatest, fullest aspects of you to be truly embodied in this lifetime. And if that sounds a bit mystical to you - that's because it is! You are a magical, supernatural being, with so much more potential than you could ever fathom, all I do is open your access to that and remind you what is possible!

Why wait? All we have is now.

Send me a message to learn more about my programs/multi-dimensional healing journey packages, it would be an honour to serve you in this way.

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