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You Are Not An Imposter!

Feeling like an imposter is essentially a sign of underestimating your own capabilities and the significance you possess to fulfill your true purpose. This sentiment often stems from past childhood experiences of perceived or actual criticism or dismissal from a family member, sibling, or peer. Due to this initial source of distress, you may find yourself repetitively avoiding similar situations to prevent experiencing that pain again, thus convincing yourself that you lack the adequacy to become the person you aspire to be.

Prioritize healing the fear that hinders you from fully embracing your potential before resorting to the 'fake it till you make it' approach. Why? Failing to address this fear may lead you to progress a certain distance, but the shadow and fear will persist, hindering your ability to appreciate the journey as you are preoccupied with concealing your deepest fears. Ultimately, these fears may manifest in forms such as rejection, personal attacks, a sense of being lost, abandonment issues, or feelings of persecution.

If you are seeking confidence, taking soul-inspired action, and letting go of resistance to your true self, I am here to assist you! Together, we can confront your fears and transform them into uncovering YOUR MOST VALUABLE TALENTS.

You are NOT AN IMPOSTER! You just need to remember who you REALLY ARE, and WHO YOU CAME HERE to BE!!

I also want to remind you that almost every single person experiences self-doubt when they reach the next stage in their evolution, and are asked to evolve how they express themselves in the world. Having fear at this point is so natural, but I invite you to lean into the fear and walk through the fire of transformation, instead of letting it paralyse you into hiding/procrastinating on your dreams.

If you feel a calling deep within, it means your soul recognizes a destined path for you in some way. The outcome may not align precisely with your expectations, and therein lies the magic! Embarking on the first step will guide you on a journey you might otherwise overlook. With only one life to live in this physical form, why not seize the opportunity and explore the extent of your experiences!

What would it look and feel like to be who you want to be? Can you embody that now? Can you let yourself experience the freedom and confidence within that version of you? This is how you vision yourself into your next level... Try it, tune in, feel your body respond as you 'play' with this energy. There will be physiological shifts in your mind, body, and heart rate, even if you can't sense them, they are happening! And the more you do this, the more you will be adjusting your frequency to the new reality you are creating.

Until one day you will start to see the signs that what you have been aligning to is now unfolding for you. Keep celebrating them, thanking them, and playing with the frequency of BEING that new version of you... And let the rest surprise you, in the most miraculous and expansive ways!

If you feel called to explore how we can help you heal your imposter syndrome and procrastination on following your dreams, you can book in an Introductory 1:1 Multidimensional Healing Session, or deepen your self-love with The Unfolding Rose.

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