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The Unfolding Rose

Learn how to use the sacred essence of the Rose to heal, activate, embody, and nurture the Divine Feminine within you!


Are you feeling a deep longing within your soul, a yearning for something you can't quite grasp? You sense that there is more to life, a hidden treasure chest of blissful connection and divine feminine energy that remains just beyond your reach. You, beautiful soul, are not alone.


In this fast-paced world, it's easy to become disconnected from our inner selves, leaving us feeling incomplete and detached from the sacred energy that flows within. You may have tried various paths, but still, there's something missing—an ineffable spark of the divine, a profound connection to your sensual


The Unfolding Rose is a transformative 21-day journey into the exquisite realm of the Divine Feminine. This journey will help you unlock the hidden mysteries of your inner world, guided by the exquisite frequency of the rose.


Imagine a life where your soul is fully awakened, where sensuality dances through every moment, and freedom of expression flows effortlessly. Picture yourself immersed in the enchanting rituals of the Goddess Venus & Mary Magdalene, tapping into the sacred codes of the rose—the highest frequency of any plants and crystals on Earth.


Rose Codes

sensuality, heart opening, freedom

Reconnect with your Sensuality: Awaken your senses, allowing your inner sensuality to flourish, igniting a deeper connection with yourself.


Open Your Heart: Bring back the softness and surrender you desire to experience in life, opening your heart to your own love through each petal, as it unfolds in its own divine timing.


Heal Your Sacred Wombspace: Sink deeply into the powerful portal of your sacred wombspace, the birthplace of your dreams.


Freedom of Expression: Allow yourself to express your true essence with confidence, authenticity, and grace, as you embrace the divine within.


Nurture Your Inner World: Discover the power of the rose as it nurtures your spirit, bringing healing and transformation to your life.


  • An exquisite 21-day journey designed to align you with the divine feminine.

  • Sacred Codes of the Rose: Unveil the potent secrets of the rose's frequency.

  • Exclusive Goddess Venus' channeled guidance.

  • Meditations, activations, and self-healing techniques using the energy of the rose.

  • Transformational Practices: Reconnect with your sensuality, freedom of expression, and life's beauty.



To teach you how to attune to the energy of the Rose and use its healing essence to create lasting change.


To connect to your inner Goddess and create soul-level transformations in everyday life.



To reprogram your subconscious, clear your fields of resistance to your inner feminine, enhance your intuition, and receive ‘knowing’ from your own guidance systems.


To bring through codes and healing from the Divine Feminine energies directly to your heart, so you can remember your truth and your own connection within.


To balance your being and shift into ‘Receive’ state & remind your mind & body to keep flowing back within!



To discover your inner beliefs and the world of your subconscious, and to unlock the deepest truths within you.


How to tune in to the physical body to understand how to self-heal, and respond to what it is communicating to you.



To help you connect more deeply to the Divine, and to focus your intentions into the physical realm.

This is for you if:

  • You never feel like you are enough.

  • You know you desire and deserve more from life, but aren't sure how to reach that.

  • You feel and desire a new form of relationship with yourself and others.

  • You are ready to embrace parts of yourself you've never accepted.

  • You are done with people-pleasing & self-sacrifice!

  • You are tired of doing all the work in relationships.

  • You want to learn and develop new ways of connecting with yourself that nurture and embrace who you really are.

  • You feel drawn to the rose and are fascinated with how these energies can transform you.

  • You know you have magic within you, and are ready to start opening to your unique feminine essence.

  • You are ready to open up your pure sensual essence, without distortion, or performance.

  • You are ready to increase your magnetism.

  • You are ready to embrace the remembrance of who you truly are.

Ready to Bloom?

The Unfolding Rose is your gateway into the divine feminine energy that resides within you. The time is now to embrace your sensuality, freedom of expression, and a life illuminated by the Rose's immensely high frequency. Join us on this 21-day journey and discover the magic that unfolds.

Your journey into full bloom awaits… Learn to embrace the essence of The Unfolding Rose — a priceless experience that will initiate you into the sacred codes of the Rose, and open your world to the Ancient wisdom of this holy flower.

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