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The Power of Crystals and How to Work With Them

Crystals are in incredibly powerful source of energy and connection for us on this Earth. Their vibration has been formed through thousands of years of pressure, heat, expansion and contraction. Each crystal has an individual chemical makeup, created with different blends of minerals within the Earth. These little beings are full of joy, playfulness, compassion, love and are brilliant to connect to when you are in need of guidance, support, love and grounding.

To understand the power of crystals we need only look at technology, which uses micro-crystals to transmit messages at light speed across thousands of miles! We use crystal technology in our radios, our computers, our televisions, our mobile phones and much more. Do not underestimate the power of crystals!


You may find that crystals intuitively call to you on a specific day, pay attention to the guidance you receive and intentionally connect with them energetically by holding them in your left hand, opening your heart, grounding yourself, and then allowing their light to flow into your heart and vice versa.

Some people will simply receive a comforting, stable feeling, while others may sense, feel or even hear the crystal being communicating with them. Allow yourself to drop into a relaxed, receptive state of complete surrender to whatever may arise.

If you are busy and are not able to meditate with a crystal, simply take it with you to connect with throughout your day. You can pop it in your purse, pocket, or bra, and allow the crystal essence to travel with you throughout your daily activities. You may often find that that particular crystal had aspects that assisted you with issues that arose within the day. Start to research what each crystal means to you on a daily basis, so that you can build up your knowledge slowly and steadily.

Another way to understand what benefits/uses certain crystals have, aside from books and online research, is to connect to a different crystal each day and keep a record of what you felt it helped you with, or what feelings you received from it. Trust in your own intuition and you will be rewarded with more confidence and confirmation of your own natural abilities to connect and receive guidance.


When you buy, find, or receive a new crystal, and after you have been working with them for a while, it is important to always ensure that it is clear of any previous energies and/or programming. You can do this in a number of ways:

· Cleansing in the sunlight – this is an extremely powerful way of cleansing as the sunlight not only clears any negative energies/thought forms/programs, it also energises and charges them with it’s power.

· Cleansing in the moonlight – aligning your crystals to the moon cycles can be very powerful for manifestation as well as cleansing. Bathing your crystals in the soft light of the full moon with the intention of revealing illumination to anything that needs to be let go of, will allow obstacles to fall away so that you can manifest that which you wish to bring into your life. Remember to always request that what you manifest will be for the highest good of all.

· Cleansing in water – preferably running water, saying out loud the cleansing affirmation, and setting the intention to clear the crystals of any negative energies.

Below is an example affirmation that will help you to cleanse your crystals and return them to their highest and purest possible vibration.

“I now command that these crystals are cleansed and cleared of any negative entities, negative energies, negative thought forms, and any programming that may have been placed upon them, returning them to their original nature from the point of inception. From now on, and for the duration of my guardianship over them, these crystals may only be programmed by me, for the highest good of all.”

Be aware that certain crystals are not good with water, so make sure you dry them properly.


After your crystals have been thoroughly cleansed, you are able to start working with them, to 'program' them. This is setting an intention for the crystal to hold a certain vibration so that whatever you want to create will manifest in your reality.

It is important to make sure you have cleared the space before programming your crystals, you can do this by asking Archangel Michael to clear & protect your space and envisioning the whole home filled with light. When you feel intuitively that your space is clear and protected, take the crystal, or grid that you want to manifest with, hold, or energetically connect with it, and change think of your intention.

It is important to really focus on exactly how it would feel to you if you had already achieved that intention, including the gratitude, joy and excitement you would feel with that reality in form.

Once you have held this intention and vibration long enough to feel your body, and the whole crystal filled with it, you can relax. This crystal is now programmed with this vibration for as long as you choose.

Please note that cleansing crystals regularly is important to keep them energised - always re-program them after cleansing so as not to dilute or cancel out the program you have set within them.


Another powerful way to work with crystals is to set up a grid. This is excellent to magnify a certain intention or benefit you wish to create and is perfect when you are blending certain aspects/benefits from different crystals. For example, combining Citrine with Haematite creates an energising, health & vitality boosting manifestation grid which is grounded and protected.

Above you can see a Rose Quartz grid set with the intention of bringing in more love and self-compassion, with Quartz mini points. These are a great way to connect or magnify the main crystals you are channeling energy through.


We record the messages of the universe within our bodies and within our cells. Our bodies are made up of around 70% water, and the ratio of solid matter to water within our bodies is the same as the ratio of land to oceans on planet Earth. Water is life and without it no creature or plant could survive.

We refer to water as the liquid crystal, from above to below. This means that water holds and transports universal wisdom from the macrocosm into the microcosm, into the cell. Water is so fundamental to life that our bodies have a built-in protective process that they take on as soon as they feel dehydrated.

It is very important to keep our cells hydrated so that they can hold light and wisdom within them, and flush toxins from our bodies as needed.

Crystal water can be created by simply adding your crystal of choice into your water for half an hour before you drink it. The mere presence of the crystal in, or close to your water will change the molecular structure and bring healing benefits to you as you ingest it. The evidence of this can be found in Dr Masaru Emoto's research of the way crystals form within water depending on what vibrations are applied to it.

Whichever way you choose to work with your crystals, the most important part is believing in them, trusting them and dropping the self-doubts. Watch the magic unfold!


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