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Sacred Circle

It is essential to re-establish the sisterhood of the tribe. When we come together, we are far greater as the power of the whole. 

We invite you to join our Sacred Circle to stay in touch with your inner Divine Feminine, to be invited to the latest workshops, events and retreats, to find a safe place to share your own journey and gain advice from others.


By joining our tribe you will receive support from the community, as well as guidance on daily practices and monthly, and seasonal rituals which will enrich your lives and bring you closer to the Oneness that we all are. 

We host a bi-monthly Women's Circle called 'The Journey' which incorporates several different healing modalities and experiences within each event. Tying in Clare and Dana's combined experience within Angelic Reiki, Shamanic practices and connecting to Mother Gaia, Channeling Angelic & Light Beings, Life-Coaching, Sacred Movement, Access Bars, Sound Healing & Guided Meditation. 

"We believe that within the collective power of the tribe, we can allow one another to flourish and bloom in ways we may have only dreamed of as an individual walking the path alone. 

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"We foster a holistic transformation, enabling tangible, positive changes on a cellular, emotional and spiritual level"

Step into Circle

Join Sacred Circle and Become Part of our Tribe
Tel: +971 58 542037
Instagram: @the_divine_mirror 

Welcome to the Tribe!

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