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Weekly Oracle Reading - June 10-17th, 2019

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Manifesting your dreams!! This week sees us balancing out and healing that which has been binding you to negative belief patterns so that you can make the choice to move forward with passion and drive towards the outcome you have always dreamt of!


tarot reading

The first half of the week finds us facing our demons, but with a new head for justice on our shoulders. You will be able to see clearly what has been holding you back before, and perhaps where you haven't been being true/fair to yourself. Stand in your truth and do what you feel is right for the highest good of all (you included!)

“If you have felt like you've been struggling with some difficult thought patterns that keep repeating themselves, know that this is the perfect time to confront them and choose a different path this time”

Once you get past these blocks, the second half of the week is about choices. These may be romantic or otherwise, it is about choosing from the heart. When you are unsure and your mind is taking you off on all kinds of tangents, take some long deep breaths, releasing any tension and concerns up to Source (they can take care of it - trust them!). Then bring your attention into your heart centre and ask the question, the answer will be clear judging by what your heart does in response! If it flutters, glows, expands, feels lighter, then it is a strong Yes! If it contracts, tightens, burns, or creates any discomfort or pain, then you know to move in a different direction.

King of Wands

The King of Wands can represent a creative, driven masculine, a natural born leader, someone who inspires others, or a masculine energy of passion, creativity, drive and ambition.

Let these energies flow through and to you without resistance, this is something/someone you can trust, as it is followed by one of the most euphoric cards in the deck - the Four of Wands. This card represents Union and true joy to me, the blessing of unicorns are leaping together in an elated charge towards victory - great times lie ahead, move forward with confidence and excitement and be sure to follow your heart over your head!

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