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Strawberry Full Moon

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

It's not secret that the Full Moon energies have been intense lately, and this one will not disappoint!

The sweetest full moon of the year is June’s full moon, commonly known as the Full Strawberry Moon. This full moon marks strawberry harvesting season in North America, and precedes and prepares us for the upcoming Summer Solstice on June 21st.

The Full Strawberry Moon is tied to romance and marital bliss all around the world, and the Pagans also call June’s full moon the Lovers’ Moon. This is an excellent time to work on the connections in your life, romantic or otherwise. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and open, to encourage intimacy in your relationships.

“Also known as the Lover's Moon, this is an excellent time to work on the connections in your life.”

Using the moon cycles to develop a relationship with Pachamama, Mother Earth is a great way to connect deeper into yourself and to set your intentions. Full moons are a great time to let go of anything that has been weighing you down, and create new goals to manifest throughout the next month.

Strawberry Full Moon Ritual

You will need:

Pen & Paper







Mylk (I recommend Coconut Milk)


Rose Petals

Himalayan Salt



1) Create a circle around you - whether it is with salt, or crystal, or with your intention.

2) Call in any light beings you would like to join you for this celebration. These could be loved ones (both in this realm and in the ether), Angels, or any spirit guides you may feel connected to.

3) Take the salt and sprinkle a teaspoon into the water, this water will be used to cleanse any lower energies.

4) Add the rose petals into the oil and bless it with any energies you would like to bring into your life; love, happiness, joy, excitement, abundance, peace, patience, grace, etc.

5) Mix the mylk into the honey while visualising what you wish to manifest - what would your highest possible outcome look like? Don't limit yourself here - think big and full like the moon.

Gratitude Exercise

Write down 3 people you are truly grateful for and why, really connect in with feeling of gratitude for what they bring to your life...

Now pick one of them and find a way to show them how much they mean to you!

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