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Survival Mode to THRIVE Mode!

Have you ever felt that you are carrying a pattern, a belief system, or blocked energy around a specific topic, that doesn’t actually feel like it belongs to you? You have no obvious point of reference as to where it may have originated from, and yes, you have taken responsibility for your own childhood trauma to the best of your abilities? 

What you are more than likely facing, is the generational trauma which is passed down through families, until someone breaks the chain. We are here to do exactly that, and as we heal ourselves, we heal 7 generations back and 7 generations forwards. I take this knowing very seriously, as I steadily work to dismantle the layers of generational belief systems for myself, my girls, and my family. This inner transformation ripples out in ways we cannot fathom - it is so far-reaching!

When we do Ancestral Healing, which is a natural part of my process, my clients find themselves connecting with a great grandmother, a great great aunt, or a family member they may not even know existed, until they ask around later and are astounded at the accuracy of what came through for them. Our DNA carries the codes of all past generations and experiences, it is like this by design, so that we learn and grow through evolution - a natural survival mechanism. And yet, so many of these past learnings are now unnecessary in the time that we live in. It is time to step out of survival mode and into THRIVE MODE. 

And to do that we need to alchemise the fear that is stored in your DNA, your subconscious mind, and in some cases, your body, and FREE YOU FROM THE CHAINS OF THE PAST, so that you can rise up and shine your unique soul essence in this life, leading the way for all those who witness you, to know they can do it too!

This is the generation where everything changes, and we are here, in it, doing the work, embracing our shadow, our pain and our fear, and saying YES to TRANSFORMATION, and YES to A NEW WAY OF BEING.

New Mentorship spots will open mid-August, if you feel called to work with me, you can book an Introductory Multidimensional Healing Session here:

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