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Super New Moon in Virgo - Ritual

The threshold of a new phase, both personally and collectively. Quantum leap ahead.

Virgo is known as the Virgin – the Maiden – Joyful, free and incredibly focused, so use this energy to your benefit as we shift into Autumn. And as will Autumnal energies, we are really being invited to face what is ready to be let go, with the other planetary movements supporting the disillusionment that is moving through at this time.

A super moon is closer to the Earth than at other times, and this can mean that the energies felt are stronger and more powerful. Use this to your benefit and really make the time to focus your mind into what it is you wish to shift in your reality.

“A Connecting with the Nodes of Destiny, this new moon means that the actions we take during this time will be key in shifting our future. A time for reflection on what is and isn’t aligning with your life. ”

This period of time will bring great shifts for the entire collective, so be prepared for this and be willing to approach life with as much flexibility and enthusiasm for change as possible. We are being guided to stay in the moment at all times, and only focus on what we can really change within our own reality. Remove the distractions, pull back your energy from mainstream media and collective energies, and really find stillness within.

Virgo New Moon Ritual

You will need:


Water (if you have it, drop a couple of drops of rose essential oil)

Rose Petals

Pen & Paper



Aura Cleansing Tool (sage/palo santo/selenite wand)



1) Create a circle around you - whether it is with salt, or crystal, or with your intention.

2) Breathe deeply, bringing in light from every direction, and exhaling any thoughts, energies and lower vibrations that are not serving you at this time. Breathe your own energy and light back to you from anywhere you may have sent it knowingly or unknowingly, asking for it to be cleansed and cleared before it returns to your auric field.

3) Call in any light beings you would like to join you for this celebration. These could be loved ones (both in this realm and in the ether), Angels, or any spirit guides you may feel connected to.

4) Add the rose petals to the water and bless the liquid by opening your heart and focusing your light and love into the water, asking for it to clear away any unwanted energies that you are ready to release, and to bring in higher vibrations into your experience. Focus on what you would like to bring into your life; love, happiness, joy, excitement, abundance, peace, patience, grace, etc.

5) Take a moment to write down whatever comes to mind as ideas and goals start to form in your mind. Make sure they align to your highest values and ask yourself where you have been compromising on those. Virgo is known as the most organised sign in the zodiac, so perhaps write down a plan as to what steps you need to take in order to make your dreams come true.

6) Ask yourself what has been holding you back from making steps towards these goals, and write down on a separate piece of paper what you wish to release.

7) Take the page of obstacles that are ready to be cleared and burn them up, with the intention that as the flames burn the paper into ashes, they release the energetic ties from your experience and allow you to move freely into the new.

8) Take the salt and sprinkle a teaspoon into your water, stir it and let it settle. Then take a handful of water and bring this to your face to energetically cleanse your body of all lower energies and vibrations.

9) Set the intention that by releasing these blocks from your individual experience, you will also assist and inspire others to do the same. Wishing for the highest good of all, and envisioning how different the world could look if we truly trusted that there are no limitations.

10) Send a wave of love out through the entire Earth as you do this, knowing that your light will reach far and wide, and will magnify all of your intentions by connecting it the well-being of others.

Gratitude Exercise

Write down 3 things that you truly love about yourself, and are proud of achieving, remind yourself of how far you have come, and what you have overcome to reach this point.

Now write down 3 people you are truly grateful for and why, really connect in with feeling of gratitude for what they bring to your life, send them love...

Now pick one of them and find a way to show them how much they mean to you!

Love, Light & New Moon Blessings!



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