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Lion's Gate Portal

Lion's Gate Portal happens every year on 8/8 which marks an up-leveling in our ascension/consciousness and allows us to truly step through into a new verions of ourselves. The energies start to enter the Earth on the Galactic New Year, as celebrated and recorded by the Mayans on 26th July, and the day-out-of-time reset point the day preceding that - 25th July.

The Gateway is the alignment between the Earth and the Central Sun - Sirius - when Lion's Gate Portal's full intensity hits the Earth on 8/8, welcoming extremely high vibrational energies into the planet. As Sirius rises in the sky, Orion's belt aligns with the Pyramid of Giza – a well-known Earth Portal into the stars - and the brightest star in the heavens becomes much more visible to Earth, and appears much closer.

When this alignment happens there will be an intense surge of light that awakens and activates our human DNA, transmitting high frequency light codes of awakening and activation. We are having to learn how to embody and anchor this light as best we can through our physical bodies and experiences here on Earth. All of these upgrades happen naturally throughout our bodies as our higher selves choose to receive these upgrades, however many beings are carrying heavy density which makes it very hard to navigate these shifts, and slows us down from our natural ability to ascend.

This year, as you can imagine, is incredibly potent and powerful, having already had the 'CORONA' - which actually means 'CROWN' - activation codes washing through us in waves, cleansing and clearing our bodies of many layers of lower vibrations, we are now entering a new period in our lives where all the distortion and untruths are becoming visible. This can be very scary and unsettling to the human body, and we can find ourselves lost in confusion and sometimes despair.

If you have been guided to this meditation you will either be ready for this shift in your soul’s pathway, or you have been called to anchor this light on Earth to help other humans ascend at this time. Whichever path you are on is perfect, and you are ready for the next level of light codes to be downloaded into your body, and to assist anchoring these light codes into the physical realm on Gaia – Mother Earth.

I have created a clearing and anchoring meditation as a pre-wave preparation meditation, to clear your body of lower density, and to help bring in these rainbow light codes into our physical reality and embodiment, as well reinforcing your energetic protection. Gaia, as a being, is already far above 5th dimensional, but her body – Earth – has been pulled down to a much lower vibration through thousands of years of distorted energy being misused and misdirected. We are here at this time to correct what has been done against her, and to help her ascend, along with humanity itself.

During the meditation we will be raising our vibration, while anchoring in far more light into the Earth, through her leylines, and throughout her body. We will be making sure that each of us is anchored into the highest possible timeline, within Mother Earth’s core crystal heart of Rainbow diamond frequency. For each of us who are present during the meditation, it will raise our vibration and lift us into the highest timeline possible at this time. If you would like access to this meditation please sign up to our newsletter and let me know you would like a recording of the meditation.

If you are ready to join us on the Lion's Gate Portal we will be on Zoom at 8.30pm Dubai time on 8/8 to move through this portal together, assisted and deeply protected by the angels. The Zoom link will be sent out via email an hour prior to the session. I look forward to seeing you there and guiding you through this immensely exciting shift!

Love, Light & Portal Blessings!

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