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How the Fear of Failure can lead you to Being Unshakeable!

I find that many of my clients struggle with performance anxiety, and suffer from some form of imposter syndrome. Often feeling as if they are going to get caught out for not being good enough, despite their experience, accolades and confirmation from their seniors that they are indeed valued and trusted in their job.

They are terrified of failure, and the more successful they get, the more uncomfortable they feel - because from that height, if they fail, they have much further to fall! That rising anxiety, and the low-level heaviness that they carry around with them everywhere, dampens their whole experience of life, and completely obscures our ability to connect to joy.

This fear of failure comes from a lack of self-love, from only feeling good enough when you have external validation - and we know that that is always a temporary fix. The key is to find ways to embody the version of you who IS that successful person, and IS WORTHY of where you have reached; to hold yourself and love yourself despite anything else happening in the physical, you create a stable foundation on which to live, and you become UNSHAKEABLE.

And you know what's the craziest thing? These clients are often not even in a job that they want to do for the rest of their lives. They are working THAT hard to please someone else, and create someone else's dreams, when they know deep down, that they have their own soul purpose which has nothing to do with their current role!

In a 1:1 Multidimensional Healing session, as you share the experiences you have lived, and the areas you find yourself stuck in, looping with the same story, with different characters/situations, I start to build a map of consciousness which we then follow to help you clear old belief systems and subconscious blocks from your energy fields and body.

It's a Journey...

As a team, we work together to help you release the trauma which has caused these blocks, and start to unravel your deepest truths. We access where you hold the emotional charge, and help you to dissolve it into wisdom, compassion, and self-love.

Simultaneously, alongside the somatic healing work (releasing emotions from the body), I will be clearing your energy fields and chakras, and my team of light will be working alongside me to bring you into your highest alignment. We are often shown things that reveal the process that is unfolding. Such as entering into a past life regression, or seeing and experiencing Angelic presence, inner child healing, or chakra recalibration.

Finally, from this process, in that gentle, loving, and open-hearted perspective that has been revealed to you, you will start to realise how many parts of yourself you have been hiding. You remember passions you had forgotten that you have, and desires that have called to you for years... And your soul purpose begins to be revealed. This can often be a journey, that needs time to integrate and transform, while the body and mind recalibrate to their new reality, so I recommend a minimum of 4 sessions to allow you the grace to move through this total uplevelling.

If this is your story, and you have felt a call to step into your soul purpose, but know you aren't doing so because of the fear of failure, then please know that the fear you feel is an illusion! Once you embrace who you truly are, you will become unstoppable, and that you carry the power within you to transform your entire life on all levels! I can teach you how to use the power of your mind to support, uplift anf EMPOWER yourself to step into a whole new way of being.

Feeling the call for Private Mentorship? I have 2 spots opening up from August 2024, I would love to hear from you, click below to apply now, or book an Intro Session:

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