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Dream Big Little One!

I am a big dreamer, I have always been called that for as long as I can remember... eternally positive, no matter what the circumstances, you can't knock me off my game for long. Well, it turns out that that is a super power!! I will explain why in a future blog, but before I go further into selective perspective, I want to share more on the dreams...

I have recently realised that I am receiving prophetic messages through my dreams; sometimes they are metaphorical and I need to translate the meaning through symbology (and often the help of a few friends), and sometimes they are very literal. We all have this ability, to varying degrees, and I would love to share with you some tips on how to foster your ability to receive messages through your dreams.

1) Clear Your Energy

Before bed, breathe in deeply and let go of the thoughts from the day, the week, the month, allowing your mind to slow down and focus on the breath. Then very gently open the heart - you can do this by thinking of 3 things you are grateful for, that bring you joy, and allowing them to become really present in your mind, body and heart, feeling it open effortlessly as you do this. Spread that loving feeling throughout your body and aura, and extend it out into the whole room, asking Archangel Michael to clear and protect your space as you sleep.

2) Set the Intention

Firstly, set the intention that you would like to receive messages for your highest path through your dreams before sleep. By doing this you are clearly sending out a signal that this is what you want to experience in your reality. You will find that the more you do this and are clear about it, the clearer your dreams will become.

3) Record Your Dreams

Always record your dreams as soon as you wake up, whether this is physically writing notes on paper, typing notes on your phone/computer, recording a voice note, or sharing with a friend - whatever you choose is perfect, but record it while it's fresh!

Remember to record all the little details, because often that is where the most information is stored, and always record the feelings and the thoughts you were experiencing at the time.

4) Believe You Are Receiving

Trust what you are receiving, and believe you are receiving it for a reason. Whatever you have been given, will have information for you, try to suspend the ego's urge to dismiss or question what you are getting, I have found that dreams I had months ago, were messages all along, I just wasn't able to conceive their importance at that time. The more you become aware of the subtleties of this ability, the easier it is to decipher their messages.

5) Gratitude Multiplies Receptivity

Be grateful for any dreams you have, whether they seem dark or light, allow them to be a blessing and a gift to you, and trust that the light beings that care for you and protect you are always trying to guide you to your highest path. Remember that is the intention you set, so trust that you are being delivered what you have requested.

6) Be Consistent

Commit to recording your dreams every night, no matter what, and allow your ability to unfold with patience and love. There is no rush, you will be honing this ability each time you practice it. We don't expect to become a maestro pianist as soon as we sit at the piano bench, allow yourself time to learn, and enjoy the process.

7) Watch For Patterns

Your dreams are often like a record of what you are going through at that time, and what you are working on in terms of healing. They can give you a benchmark on where you are at in terms of a 'healing timeline', if you feel you have mastered a certain issue in real life, and then you see it play out in your dreams, you can confirm that it has been done! On the other hand, if you are still going through trials and tribulations in your dreams around a certain issue, then perhaps you need to go deeper into your psyche and ask yourself what you are still holding onto that may be preventing you from moving forward in this area. You can ask for clarity on this in your next dream!

8) Keep An Open Mind

When I first started dreaming again, I always focused in on what these dreams meant in my own life. I started to see what energy I was navigating during that time and how it was playing out both in my waking life and in my dreams. But as goes the individual, so does the collective, and I have realised that the messages were not limited to my own personal experience, rather they were playing out on the world stage too! We are all so connected...

Happy Dreaming!

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