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Multidimensional healing

Multidimensional Healing is a modality that works in tandem with both your conscious and subconscious mind. This alchemisation of lower energies into light and expansion is extended to all timelines, dimensions and realities, simultaneously addressing past lifetimes, inner child healing, and interdimensional aspects of yourself.



This deeply immersive journey enables the recipient to truly understand their path; why they are going through what they have brought into this life, and then to transform the energetic blocks into their greatest gifts.

I have a strong clairsentience, which means I am able to identify where you hold the resistance in your physical body and auric field, and can help you to see the patterns that have been recurring throughout your life. By learning how to identify your belief patterns may have been holding you back, and to clear these blocks, you will learn to master a personal transformational tool which you can apply in every situation in your life in order to heal and expand into the fullest, brightest version of yourself, and fully experience a life of freedom, joy and love.

how it works

Through my own personal journey and awakening, I have honed my physical vessel to be a clear channel of high frequency energies, and work with Angelic light beings to assist you in raising your vibration and expanding your multidimensional awareness.


It is my honour to be able to share these energies with my clients and allow them to facilitate the healing and activations needed by the recipient.


During the session, I am deeply connected to Spirit and channel this guidance through to you in a way that you can relate to and understand in this lifetime on a much deeper and more profound level than ever before. We also bring deep compassion to what you have moved through to reach this point, and allow you to experience deep forgiveness on all levels.

Healing sessions can be conducted in person, or through Zoom, as time and space is merely an illusion of the mind. Our energies connect through the ether, activating an etheric field within a sacred healing space as we work together to reveal what is ready to be seen and healed. The transformation will happen both within the session itself, as well as throughout the next month as the energies we have activated and cleared, are integrated into your physical reality and embodied.

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