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Land of Light : Training and Retreat

The Gateway to New Earth Consciousness

with Marianna Tsili and Clare Phioro

Delphi, Greece | March 2025


Why The

Greece Retreat?

Hellas, known as the Land of Light, is a realm imbued with profound ancient heritage. It stands as a potent beacon for the emergence of New Earth consciousness. The ancient sites and temples scattered across this sacred land are not merely remnants of a distant past; they are living keys, unlocking the potential for this new consciousness to flourish.

In this pivotal moment of global awakening, we are called to reclaim our origins by embodying our true selves. Journeying to specific places on the planet, especially those steeped in ancient wisdom, allows us to connect with the broader spectrum of our essence. It is a process of resurrecting an ancient future, where the wisdom of old is reborn in a more enlightened and advanced form. Surrender to the magic of this potential, and let it guide you toward a deeper understanding of your being.

Hellas harbors a glorious past, often forgotten and little understood, yet it remains vibrantly alive within its landscapes. The very elements of this land—its stones, rocks, trees, water, and sunlight—are carriers of a unique frequency, awaiting recognition and manifestation. These natural elements hold the codes of ancient wisdom, ready to be activated through our awareness.

Sacred Journey

Journey with us to the sacred land of Delphi, Greece, where the energies of ancient gods and goddesses inspire a profound exploration of the masculine and feminine elements within us.


This retreat is dedicated to healing wounded aspects of these energies and bringing them into sacred union, guided by the wisdom of Hestia, Athena, Dionysus, Apollo, and the Pythia (the oracles).

Our journey will take us to some of the most powerful temples in Greece, each a cornerstone of ancient spiritual power. However, the true transformation lies not just in visiting these sacred sites, but in the holistic experience of being on this revered soil.


The energy of Hellas will resonate with your soul, sparking a profound and life-changing shift. Embrace the timeless presence and allow yourself to be transformed by the extraordinary frequencies that Hellas, the Land of Light, offers.

Ancient Wisdom
Unlocking Codes Within:

Inspired by the wisdom codes of Ancient Greek Mythology, we will explore the energies of the Gods and Goddesses to reveal the truth within you and activate your light from within. 

During our journey, we will be sharing the myths of the Gods and Goddesses, stories which help to unlock codes and remembrance within your soul.

The Gods:
 Apollo: Explore themes of truth, healing, and prophecy. Embrace the masculine, Yang energy.
    ⋒ Dionysus: Celebrate the beauty in polarity and duality, finding joy and sorrow in balance. Engage with themes of

              abundance, ecstasy, love, life, death, rebirth, and breaking boundaries.

The Goddesses:
    ⋒ Athena: Delve into wisdom, strategy, power, and justice. Harness the powerful feminine energy of the female

    ⋒ Hestia: Connect with creativity, motherhood, and the blessings of everyday life. Experience warmth, receptivity,

            purity, and innocence—the Maiden's Feminine, Yin energy.

Healing Themes:
    ⋒ Healing the Wounded Energies: Address and heal the wounds of both feminine and masculine energies.
    ⋒ Sacred Union: Anchor sacred balance and union within yourself.

Activating the Oracle Within:
    ⋒ The Priestess Within: Inspired by the Pythia, learn to become your own oracle.
    ⋒ Embody Your Light: Activate your inner light and integrate it into your life's path.


Dear sister,
is for you if:

⋒ You feel a connection to Greece and its ancient sites

⋒ You wish to go deeper into your divine potential of co-creation

       with Earth and Spirit

⋒ You wish to deepen your intuition, connection to Source, and

      divine guidance

⋒ You wish to connect with like-minded people that like you are

      New Earth Leaders

⋒ You are awakening to your gifts and are ready for inner

      transformation and powerful activations!

⋒ You are ready to upgrade your embodiment of Divine

      Feminine and Divine Masculine qualities on all levels

⋒ You crave reconnection with nature and the deepest parts of


⋒ You desire to activate your innate healing gifts.

⋒ You wish to access joy, ecstasy, and sensuality on your spiritual


⋒ You are ready to surrender to the sensual flow of feminine

      energy within you.

⋒ You are interested in learning more about working with

      masculine and feminine energies and finding sacred union


⋒ You are curious about tantra as a healing art, and open to its

      powerful healing qualities.


Some of the tools we will use:


⋒ Guided Meditation

⋒ Sacred Ceremony

⋒ Conscious movement and sound

⋒ Visualization

⋒ Loving Presence

⋒ Kundalini Yoga

⋒ Tantra and Taoism

The Value You Will Receive
By attending the Land of Light Retreat,
 you will receive and activate:

 Emotional Transformation: Learn to use the elements of the masculine and feminine to work with your emotions, transforming your perspective and awakening your senses to the depth and beauty of life.


⋒ Healing and Balance: Heal the wounds of both your masculine and feminine energies, bringing them into a harmonious balance.


⋒ Inner Wisdom: Activate your inner oracle, guided by the wisdom of the Pythia, and learn to trust and follow your own insights.


⋒ Feminine Nurturing and Wholeness: Connect deeply with Hestia’s nurturing energy, enhancing your creativity and daily blessings.


⋒ Strategic Empowerment: Draw on Athena’s strength to develop strategic thinking, reclaim your power, and establish healthy boundaries.


⋒ Ecstasy and Abundance: Embrace Dionysus’s teachings to find joy in duality, experiencing ecstasy and abundance in all aspects of life.


⋒ Sacred Union: Activate and embody the sacred union of masculine and feminine within, leading to greater harmony and fulfillment. 


Join us in Delphi, the Land of Light, for a transformative journey of healing, awakening, and empowerment. Embrace the divine energies, reconnect with nature and the ancient codes that this land holds, and step into the sacred balance of your being.

Meet your hosts

clare Phioro

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Mariana Tsili


Book Your Spot Now

Limited spaces available for this exclusive training & retreat. Secure your place and embark on a journey of enlightenment and transformation in the mystical land of Delphi.

€3.333 (24% VAT incl.) 

Shared Double Room


 €3,999 (24% VAT incl.) 

Single Room (upon request)


Receive a VIP 1:1 Session free of charge
If you join before the 31st of Aug 2024.

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