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The Alchemy of the Rose

Learn how to use the sacred essence of the Rose to heal, activate, embody, and nurture the Divine Feminine (and Priestess) within you!




Are you feeling a deep longing within your soul, a yearning for something you can't quite grasp? You sense that there is more to life, a hidden treasure chest of blissful connection and divine feminine energy that remains just beyond your reach. You, beautiful soul, are not alone.

In this fast-paced world, it's easy to become disconnected from our inner selves, leaving us feeling incomplete and detached from the sacred energy that flows within. You may have tried various paths, but still, there's something missing—an ineffable spark of the divine, a profound connection to your sensuality.

The Alchemy of the Rose is a powerful transformative journey into the exquisite realm of the Divine Feminine. This journey will help you unlock the hidden mysteries of your inner world, guided by the exquisite frequency of the rose.

Imagine a life where your soul is fully awakened, where sensuality dances through every moment, and freedom of expression flows effortlessly. Picture yourself immersed in the enchanting rituals of the Goddess Venus & Mary Magdalene, tuning into the sacred codes of the rose—the highest frequency of any plant or crystal on Earth.


Rose Codes



Reawaken your Sensuality: Awaken your senses, allowing your inner sensuality to flourish, igniting a deeper connection with yourself.

Open Your Heart: Bring back the softness and surrender you desire to experience in life, opening your heart to your own love through each petal, as it unfolds in its own divine timing.

Heal Your Sacred Wombspace: Sink deeply into the powerful portal of your sacred wombspace, the birthplace of your dreams.

Free Expression: Allow yourself to express your true essence with confidence, authenticity, and grace, as you embrace the divine within.

Nurture Your Inner World: Discover the power of the rose as it nurtures your spirit, bringing healing and transformation to your life.


  • An exquisite 13-day journey designed to align you with the divine feminine.

  • Sacred Codes of the Rose: Unveil the secrets of the rose's frequency.

  • Exclusive Goddess Venus & Rose rituals that tap into ancient wisdom.

  • Meditations, activations, and self-healing techniques using the energy of the rose.

  • Psychic Tools: Harness your intuition and unlock your psychic potential with the assistance of the rose.

  • Transformational Practices: Reconnect with your sensuality, freedom of expression, and life's beauty.

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What do you                            Desire?

The Alchemy of the Rose is your gateway into the divine feminine energy that resides within you. The time is now to embrace your sensuality, freedom of expression, and a life illuminated by the Rose's immensely high frequency. Join us on this 13-day journey and discover the magic that unfolds.

Your journey into full bloom awaits… For just $1,444, you can embark on the a journey of falling into love with yourself through The  Unfolding Rose—a priceless experience that will initiate you into the sacred codes of the Rose, and open your world to the Ancient wisdom and reverence of this beautiful flower. 

This is for you if 

  • You seek to deepen your connection with the divine feminine.

  • You feel like something is missing in your life and are yearning for more.

  • You're ready to embrace sensuality, freedom, and a new perspective on life.

  • You are ready to embrace and activate your psychic senses.

  • You're committed to personal growth and inner transformation.

  • You feel you are connected to the Magdalene and/or Venusian lineage and want to deepen this knowing within.

  • You know you have magic inside of you, and you are ready to set yourself free!

  • Do I need to have any previous experience?
    No previous experience is required, however this program is focused on opening the third eye and working in the unseen realms, so to have received some form of healing is highly recommended so you have experience of the transformation possible and understand there is far more than what we can see and touch in the physical!
  • How will the content be delivered?
    You will receive recorded transmissions & self-healing practices, rituals or meditations to help you access the truth within you and enhance your psychic gifts! You will also receive a 100+ page manual which you can refer back to whenever you need even after we have completed the program.
  • What platform will it be on?
    The content will be delivered via this platform, and space will be held in the connected discussion group.
  • What are the timings?
    You can listen to the transmissions and do the self-healing practices at your convenience, between the Live calls which will be held on Saturdays at 2.30pm Dubai Time.
  • Is there anything I need to prepare for the journey?
    Knowing your intentions is always a deeply powerful place to start. Other than that, you will be given all the guidance and instructions a few days before the start, and as the journey unfolds.
  • What is the time investment for this program?
    The recorded transmissions and meditations will be within 20-30 mins maximum, these will be delivered 3 x weekly during the main core modules - through weeks 2-7. Live calls will be around 2-3 hours long depending on sharing, but the main transmission/activation will be shared first so you can leave if you need to after that. Some practices/rituals may take longer, depending on how deeply you want to go into them. The majority of the work is self-paced, so you can dive into it as and when suits you.
  • Will there be personal coaching/healing inside the program?
    Clare creates a deeply safe and supportive space for all participants in the group, and the practices and meditations are designed to be deeply healing. The space may include personalised feedback, if it is for the benefit of the whole group. If you are going through something that is more personal there are other ways to be supported, for example booking a VIP Healing Session (at a special rate for all participants) to support you in your healing process. Upgrade your experience here.

Are you ready?

This program is a sacred commitment to your evolution. Clare will guide, support, and nurture you throughout this transformative journey.

Ready to embark on this transformative pathway? The Sacred Masculine awaits, ready to guide you toward a life filled with trust, stability, and harmonious connections.

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