To learn more about what Clare offers, hear from her clients...

“So much is happening and coming together it's mad! I feel so much better than I did a few weeks ago. I've totally flipped my opinion of money and abundance, I feel more connected and in control. Thank you so much!”

K. M.

“Clare has a beautiful, sensual and loving energy that really allowed me to open up and trust in her abilities and in the messages that came through. Since working with her on a regular basis I have really felt huge energetic shifts in myself and in my life, and I highly recommend her to everyone who is feeling stuck, or needing support in their lives”

S. T.

"The feeling of Angelic Reiki is something I've never experienced before! I saw colours & lights moving, I felt energy moving in and around my body, and I even smelt roses! It was an incredible experience and I feel so much calmer now, I will definitely be coming back for more!"

K. C.

“I was having real trouble finding balance in my life - it literally felt like I was on a rollercoaster. With the help of Clare's Spiritual coaching, and her Intuitive healing I feel like I've found the middle ground and am so much more settled and calmer in myself. As a result my life is starting to reflect that outwards. I am eternally grateful, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Clare to others.”

S. B.

"Clare has a really Angelic presence about her, as soon as you step into the room you can feel them. It was exactly what I needed at a really difficult time in my life, so feel so loved, supported and understood. The Angelic Reiki isn't something I had heard of before, but it truly is a beautiful experience and I can really feel the difference."

J. R. 

"The reading revealed things that I hadn't even admitted to myself! It was incredibly spot on, and the information that came through really allowed me to open up and release what I had been holding onto. With Clare's support I have learnt to transform how I think about things, and it is having amazing effects throughout my life!"

S. M.