Client Love

"I have been working with Clare for a year now and what a year has it been! Clare has helped me unblock memories that were a heavy baggage to carry in my current life, she helped me address issues I suppressed for years, she helped me heal, helped me see that I’m loved and the little girl inside of me is an independent fearless woman.

I feel free, this is the best way to describe the gratitude I have for my journey with Clare. She has a very calming motherly energy but at the same time I’ve seen her as a friend and other times as a sister helping me pave my path towards my truth.

Clare has helped me understand and trust my inner voice, giving it power! Forever grateful and looking forward to my next steps in 2022 with her!"

Kristina Khusseyn

"I started working with Clare over a year ago and what a journey/transformation it has been! When I commenced my journey working with Clare I wanted to work on me, to heal old wounds and release blockages. Along the way I forgave myself and those who have done wrong by me. I started seeing and looking at things differently. The biggest takeaway, I wanted to step back into my intuitive self which I have and will continue to work on.

Clare is an Angel! She is one of a kind.

If you want to work on being the best version of yourself, this is the Angel you should connect and be guided by."

Krystl Schoettler

“Clare has a beautiful, sensual and loving energy that really allowed me to open up and trust in her abilities and in the messages that came through. Since working with her on a regular basis I have really felt huge energetic shifts in myself and in my life, and I highly recommend her to everyone who is feeling stuck, or needing support in their lives”

Sarah Turner

“So much is happening and coming together it's mad! I feel so much better than I did a few weeks ago. I've totally flipped my opinion of money and abundance, I feel more connected and in control. Thank you so much!”

K. M.

"The feeling of Angelic Reiki is something I've never experienced before! I saw colours & lights moving, I felt energy moving in and around my body, and I even smelt roses! It was an incredible experience and I feel so much calmer now, I will definitely be coming back for more!"

Katherine Leeson

Clare - Well, She is an absolute true angel to me since she came in my life. Her vibes are so positive and strong that every time I see her - it just uplifts me and makes me feel I am held. I can say within a time span of last 3-4 months, I am able to see such big difference in myself that I had never felt before in life. I’ve started to love myself, appreciate myself again and I am able to deal with situations better than how I used to to. Words can never describe what an ultimate experience healing has on us and that’s exactly what I’ve learnt and in continuous urge to learn everyday, every single moment. All thanks to Clare - She is amazing.

Sakshi Verma

"Clare has a really Angelic presence about her, as soon as you step into the room you can feel them. It was exactly what I needed at a really difficult time in my life, so feel so loved, supported and understood. The Angelic Reiki isn't something I had heard of before, but it truly is a beautiful experience and I can really feel the difference."

Jennifer Reynolds

"The reading revealed things that I hadn't even admitted to myself! It was incredibly spot on, and the information that came through really allowed me to open up and release what I had been holding onto. With Clare's support I have learnt to transform how I think about things, and it is having amazing effects throughout my life!"


S. M. 

“I was having real trouble finding balance in my life - it literally felt like I was on a rollercoaster. With the help of Clare's Spiritual coaching, and her Intuitive healing I feel like I've found the middle ground and am so much more settled and calmer in myself. As a result my life is starting to reflect that outwards. I am eternally grateful, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Clare to others.”

Samantha Bow