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12 Weeks to Self-Mastery

This powerful container is designed for you to R I S E  into your full potential in a way you have never experienced before.


By understanding how your energy works with the world around you, and how little of it you have been consciously working with, you will step into a new awareness of what is possible.

Harness your inner power
Activate your light body
Enhance your intuition
Connect to your Higher Self
Bring forth your Unique Gifts
Manifest with the Universe
Step into Your Soul Purpose
Opening Circle, Intention Setting & Re-Discovering Your Gifts
  • A re-membering of who you truly are.

  • A remembering of the gifts you hold within you.

  • A remembering of your mission & soul purpose.

  • A reconnection with your inner child, your higher self, & the greatness of your soul.

  • Clarifying your intentions for the 12 weeks ahead.

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Improve your Intuition & Learn How to Receive Guidance and Blessings from the Universe

This week will activate & enhance your pineal gland, open up your third eye  & teach you practical skills in how to receive from the Universe both psychically and energetically. To be able to trust ourselves, to trust who we are in this world, and to trust in our ability to connect with and receive from the Universe, we need to build our intuitive muscles.

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Releasing Old Energy, Embracing Pain, & Transforming the Resistance That Has Been Holding You Back!

Once we open up to a new level of being, we are often initially presented with old energies that we need to clear, or resistance that needs to be released in order to bring the new reality in. This week is all about identifying and facing your fears, clearing any resistance and letting go of anything that will hold you back from your full potential.

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Embody the Goddess Within and Embrace your True Value!

This is a juicy week of explosive awakening moments to who you truly are and the gifts of being DIVINE FEMININE at this time. We will be going deep into healing the Sacral Chakra and our connection to our bodies and other sisters. We will be targeting the Competition / Comparison wound that holds us all back from celebrating our unique essence and championing our fellow sisters. This is courageous, transformative work which will reframe the way you approach life on every level.



Learn how to connect with your aura & energy fields and consciously work with them to transform your experience of reality here on Earth.

Expand your mind to what the human potential is within you. Create miracles in everyday life, and learn how to release energies and emotions that are holding you back from your true expansion. To learn how to become a miracle magnet, and develop and deepen your awareness and relationship with your body and Spirit in union.

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Learn how to connect with your aura & energy fields and consciously work with them to transform your experience of reality here on Earth.

The final, closing module, you will learn how shift your state of being to activate your highest timeline, you will be able to tangibly feel the energy around and within you as you manifest it into your reality. You will learn to sense your aura and energy fields and how to alchemise any contraction into EXPANSION! Then we watch for the miracles to unfold and enjoy as they play out in miraculous ways throughout your life!

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  • Bring flow, love & connection CENTRE STAGE in your life.

  • Clear old programming which keeps us small.

  • Empower yourself as the truly powerful Creator that you are.

  • Deepen your faith in Yourself and in the Divine.

  • Release fear so that you can stop hiding

  • Fear release so that you can stop hiding!

  • Discover and develop your innate gifts to the world

  • Huge Intuition Upgrades

  • Learn how to receive the blessings the universe is providing for you always.

  • Understanding & Awareness of how to consciously work with the energies around you.

  • Expand into the greatest version of you!

  • Embrace your true value and choose to SHINE!



"I have been working with Clare for a year now and what a year has it been! Clare has helped me unblock memories that were a heavy baggage to carry in my current life, she helped me address issues I suppressed for years, she helped me heal, helped me see that I’m loved and the little girl inside of me is an independent fearless woman.

I feel free, this is the best way to describe the gratitude I have for my journey with Clare. She has a very calming motherly energy but at the same time I’ve seen her as a friend and other times as a sister helping me pave my path towards my truth.

Clare has helped me understand and trust my inner voice, giving it power! Forever grateful and looking forward to my next steps in 2022 with her!"

~ Kristina Khusseyn

"The support Clare has given me has been the catalyst of expansion in my life."

~ Abigail Clayton

“Clare has a beautiful, sensual and loving energy that really allowed me to open up and trust in her abilities and in the messages that came through. Since working with her on a regular basis I have really felt huge energetic shifts in myself and in my life, and I highly recommend her to everyone who is feeling stuck, or needing support in their lives”

~ Sarah Turner

"I started working with Clare over a year ago and what a journey/transformation it has been! When I commenced my journey working with Clare I wanted to work on me, to heal old wounds and release blockages. Along the way I forgave myself and those who have done wrong by me. I started seeing and looking at things differently. The biggest takeaway, I wanted to step back into my intuitive self which I have and will continue to work on.

Clare is an Angel! She is one of a kind.

If you want to work on being the best version of yourself, this is the Angel you should connect and be guided by."

~ Krystl Schoettler

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