Oracle Healing

The fact that you've landed here means that you have already stepped onto your own spiritual journey. You may have been up against adversity and shadow, but know that by choosing to face it, you have already opened up to the opportunity of growth and ascension. Welcome to the world of self-realisation - you're going to love it!

The simple act of seeing where you are currently vibrating at and what is coming into your reality can be extremely healing in itself, along with the natural intuitive healing that Clare enables during the session. You will feel an immediate shift in yourself and your understanding of what actions you can take to assist yourself to reach a higher vibration and align with the reality you want to create.

“I love the art of divination and communicating with spirit around us. I only work with 100% light beings and always open the space with the Archangels filling it with unconditional love, so the reading is extremely healing in itself. I combine the messages from the cards, with my own intuition, along with messages from my spirit guides, your spirit guides and the angels.”


You are a whole, perfect being, just the way you are, the only thing you need is to discover the value and the beauty of who you really are. Clare uses her tools (intuition, channeling, cards, pendulum, and all the clair-senses) to help identify what needs to be seen and held, integrating the parts of you that you have previously suppressed or rejected, and finding the gifts hidden within those lessons. 

Energy Reading & Intuitive Healing

1 hour  /   $211

If you're looking for answers, and are ready to open up to your personal transformational journey, this is a great place to start. Clare will read your energy through the cards, identifying blocks and possible outcomes of your current situation. As the resistance to the highest version of yourself is revealed, Clare is able to transmute this into a new direction, shifting your energy from resistance to flow.

A large part of the energetic shift comes from the awareness of the truth within You. Clare lovingly holds the space and shares her experience in order to get you into that place of receiving from your highest self, and the Divine. This expansion happens from the moment you start the session, and can continue for up to 28 days after, stay present and witness the changes within you!


Relationship Reading

1 hour  /   $211

We are all striving for a harmonic, deeply soul-transforming relationship. Clare specialises in identifying what is in the cards for you, and what needs to shift within in order to attract your divine partner. 

Love can be a complicated, and at times painful subject, and all to often we accept far less than we deserve because of past pain we are carrying with us through our lives. Clare can help you to identify any core issues and works with you to start allowing you to shift into the highest version of yourself, really embodying your true value, and therefore attracting the ideal partner into your life.



1 hour  /   $211

Clare is a clear channel for the Divine and for Light Beings to communicate with her clients in order to enable a deeper understanding of their life purpose, or get more information about their life path. She may see, feel, hear, or understand information from the spirits that are called upon.

This is a form of communication that provides a direct connection with the unseen realms, and can be a truly illuminating, healing and life-changing experience. 

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